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The Original Bad Hair Day Forecast

What the heck is a Bad Hair Day Forecast?

Long story short, I'll take a look at the days to come and see how much the weather will wreak havoc with your new coif. Maybe it will help you avoid a hair explosion on those humid days. Perhaps chunks won't snap off during that one freezing morning you forgot to blow dry your hair. Maybe it will help keep that new perm dry. Whatever it is, this will help keep you nice and groomed.

And you know these forecasts are a good idea too. Because the Weather Channel decided to do it too! Copycats...


Wednesday will sustained winds from the west at 15-20 mph and gusts up to 33 mph. There is also a slight chance for light snow in the afternoon. Thursday will be windy as well, with westerly winds at 10-15 mph and gusts up to 30 mph. 

Updated: March 15, 2017