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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions? Are you kidding me? The site's new! How can there possibly be frequently asked questions?

Good, um, question. Next.

Where are interactive maps and amazing graphics?

One reason is that other websites actually have a budget. I do this all for free, you see, and with a budget of exactly zero dollar, something that is not expected to change anytime soon, I have to draw the line somewhere. On top of that, Fullfrontalweather.com has a staff of one. Awesome graphics takes time I'd rather devote to forecasting for you.

That's sweet, but I like interactive maps and amazing graphic.

Then check out some of the Essential Websites off the left. I doubt that any of those placed will cry if they have more traffic.

Where do your forecasts come from?

My own knowledge and experience. I analyze all available current conditions and model data, and create a forecast tailored to your needs.

So that means that you really are a meteorologist?

Sure am. Oodles of experience.

Oodles of experience if it's all in flyover territory. How's that going to help my golf game in Connecticut?

The east coast is a major focus of weather forecasting no matter where you went to school or where you work. There's a "Storm of the Century" (TM) every couple of years our here. And coming out of the airline industry certainly helps too.

What if I'm going to San Francisco? Or Madrid?

I'm an equal opportunity forecaster. I might live in the northeast, but I can forecast anywhere.

So I just email you and you email back with a forecast?

That's it! I'll even update it if it's needed. Meteorology is an imperfect science, after all.

No kidding. Why are you guys wrong all the time?

"Meteorology" is latin for "the science of wrong." Look it up.

I will, smart guy. If this is a forecasting site, what's all this other garbage?

Something to pass the time between forecasts. There are all kinds of books and movies with weather playing a prominent role. Some of them are even good. Some of them are awesomely bad. All of them are at least a little cool. Even "The Day After Tomorrow."

If you say so. And the blog? What's your excuse for that?

Everybody has a blog.

Yeah, fair enough. So why does the website look like a five-year-old put it together?

This is cutting edge in the land of FFWX.com. It might not look pretty, but the forecasts are good. Trust me. I'm a meteorologist.